Special Reports

Preying in the shadows

They posed as lawyers, scammed thousands in cash from immigrants, and robbed them of their hope to stay in the U.S. They got away with it for years.

‘It’s getting scary here’: A Pennsylvania man’s diary from a coronavirus quarantine | Perspective

Bill and Colette Smedley of York County were celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary and Colette’s 65th birthday when their cruise to Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Taiwan was placed under quarantine for confirmed cases of coronavirus.

Pictures that capture Philadelphia’s black history through the years

As Black History Month 2020 approaches its end, we look through the Inquirer photo archives to reflect on the impact that African Americans have had on Philadelphia.

Philly’s new Catholic archbishop may turn out like no other the city has seen before

The man set to become Philly’s new Catholic archbishop Tuesday loves Star Trek, once faced down ICE to stop a deportation, and has a host of old friends in the city wondering what to call him now. “I hope,” he told one, “they’re going to call me Nelson."

Two Philly-area fraudsters took money from immigrants, stole their ‘American dream’ — and went unchecked for years

Some immigrants flee crime and violence, only to fall prey to fraudulent immigration services providers in the Philadelphia area.

Spring Is Coming! Here are all the events you should be excited about.

Billie Eilish in concert. Sloths on the Parkway. Clear your calendars — there's plenty happening around Philly this spring.

Philly's new police commissioner will be the first black woman to lead the department. This is Danielle Outlaw.

From her days as a rookie in Oakland, Philly’s new police commissioner has met the insular and testosterone-filled culture of policing with ambition, confidence and determination.