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Walnut Street Theatre season to open with ‘Rocky, The Musical,’ updated to fix things that aren’t gonna fly in Philly

'Rocky The Musical,' will kick off the new season of the Walnut Street Theatre, ahead of 'Disney's The Little Mermaid,' 'Death of a Salesman,' 'Blithe Spirit,' and 'On Your Feet.'

Temple grad Chinonye Chukwu on her new movie ‘Clemency’ and her life-changing time in Philly

Temple grad Chinonye Chukwu on her new film 'Clemency,' her plans to make a film about Philly native and Black Panther leader Elaine Brown, and her life-changing time in the city.

Looking for just the write thing? The Philly Pen Show is the place to try and to buy.

Pen enthusiasts can try out the latest custom-made pens, ink, paper, and accessories at the show, running Jan. 17-20 at the Philadelphia 210 Hotel.

Delaware native Bryan Stevenson, subject of ‘Just Mercy,’ on how the movie doesn’t make a Hollywood compromise

Attorney and criminal justice reformer Bryan Stevenson talks about his Delaware and Philadelphia roots and how he worried that a movie would somehow modify or dilute his book.

Colonial Theatre’s ’Horror Bowl’ offers Eagles fans an alternative to the Super Bowl

The Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville is hosting a Horror Bowl the day of the Super Bowl, featuring three John Carpenter classics.

Temple grad lands his big break on Broadway

Pennsauken High and Temple grad Jordan Dobson went from understudy to star on Broadway in a new production of 'West Side Story.'

I can’t believe it’s not Gritty! Stars of Farm Show butter sculpture revealed.

Gritty is one of the sports icons memorialized in butter at the Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg.

What’s open or closed New Year’s Day? A look at grocery stores, museums, brunch, and more.

What's open and what's not on Jan. 1 in the Philadelphia region.

We tracked down the 58-year-old animatronic Lit Bros. holiday village. No, the eyes aren’t following you.

A reader wanted to know where the Lit Bros. holiday display ended up. So we found out.

From pants to pickles, Pa. drops some strange things on New Year’s Eve

Choosing a New Year’s Eve event in Pennsylvania can be a wrenching decision, given that cities and town in the state drop (or hoist) wrenches, roses, pickle men, strawberries, mushrooms and more.