Julia is covering the 2020 presidential election looking mostly through the lens of battleground Pa., with a focus on voters and the issues and candidates resonating with them.

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Bernie Sanders is staffing up in Pa. as his 2020 hopes fade — and coronavirus transforms the campaign

The campaign announced the opening of five new field offices in Pennsylvania, but quickly warned they may not stay open for long, given a shift to more digital organizing prompted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus could wreak havoc on Pennsylvania’s primary election

The primary is seven weeks away. The coronavirus pandemic is uncomfortably much closer than that.

Bernie Sanders won in Pa.’s reddest counties. Why supporters there have abandoned him.

Some voters in rural areas of Pa. say they supported Sanders in 2016 as a protest vote against Hillary Clinton. Some went on to vote for Donald Trump and have left the Democratic Party.

What Biden’s blowout in Michigan means for Pennsylvania

Donald Trump’s path to the White House in 2016 ran through Midwestern battlegrounds like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan, states Democrats long considered their "Blue Wall." Biden showed he can rebuild that wall.

After a canceled rally in Cleveland, Biden celebrates Michigan win in Philly. Thanks Sanders for his ‘tireless energy.’

On Tuesday night the campaign decided to pivot from the canceled rally to Philadelphia to seize on what looked to be another very good night in front of about 50 staffers, supporters, and assembled press

The Joe Biden vs. Bernie Sanders show is coming to Pa.

Pennsylvania’s primary is less than eight weeks away and shaping up to be a big moment. In fact, it’s arguably one of the most important states left on the 2020 calendar.

Joe Biden scores big Super Tuesday wins as Bernie Sanders takes California

The primary now looks increasingly like a two-person contest for the nomination between Biden and Sanders, with the Democratic establishment, and voters across the map, rallying behind Biden on Super Tuesday.

‘It’s gametime!’ Former Philly Mayor Michael Nutter campaigns for Mike Bloomberg in California.

As the primary race enters its most important day Tuesday - with the field suddenly narrowed considerably- Nutter wound through the critical state of California in hopes of making Bloomberg’s ballot debut an impactful one.

Democratic rivals are dropping out and backing Biden. But he faces a tougher test on Super Tuesday.

Decisions by Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg to drop out and endorse Biden could consolidate his support among more centrist voters and those who fear Bernie Sanders is too liberal to beat Trump.

Bernie Sanders could get 2020 lift in Pa. from a progressive movement in counties Trump won in 2016

Sanders' prospects against Trump could hinge on places where Sanders inspired new political involvement in 2016. Activists awakened then have, from the time his campaign ended, been building their own power structures.