Jonathan Tamari

Jonathan Tamari

Jonathan Tamari covers national politics and policy from Washington D.C., including lawmakers and issues tied to Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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Biden is drawing a sharp contrast with Trump as the coronavirus spreads

Joe Biden’s nostalgic talk about experience, stability, and order doesn’t make for the most thrilling campaign platform. But amid a global health crisis, it may suddenly find new relevance.

Joe Biden just got support from another Pennsylvania member of Congress

U.S. Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon is endorsing Joe Biden for president, hours after he racked up another series of decisive primary victories Tuesday night that all-but ensure he will be the Democratic nominee.

Joe Biden’s domination in Michigan shows Democrats how to win Pennsylvania in 2020

Joe Biden's win in Michigan showed the route Democrats will have to take to win back Pennsylvania against President Donald Trump. More broadly the, results Tuesday crystallized the picture of the new coalition fueling the party.

‘Our country is in chaos’: In Joe Biden, Democrats choose safety over revolution

Most Democrats have put a premium on simply defeating President Donald J. Trump, and have been willing to set aside excitement, novelty and big policy goals in choosing between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders face first primary in a ‘blue wall’ state today — Michigan

Demographically and politically, Michigan has much in common with Pennsylvania.

Trump promised to bring back manufacturing in Pennsylvania. He didn’t. Will it cost him?

“When you hear that Trump is bragging about the economy, I know better — it’s not trickling down to the workers at all. It’s staying in the boardrooms,” said a worker at an Erie manufacturing plant.

Cory Booker endorses Joe Biden for president. ‘He is the person to unify us.’

"@JoeBiden won’t only win - he’ll show there’s more that unites us than divides us,” Booker wrote on 7073彩票登录 Monday morning.

Another congresswoman from Pa. endorses Joe Biden for president

The Montgomery County Democrat joined a wave of party officials rallying behind Biden after major wins that restored him to front-runner status.

Suburbs like Philly’s powered Biden’s big wins over Sanders: ‘I’m not looking for any kind of revolution’

Joe Biden's strength in the Virginia suburbs showed the power of an increasingly vital piece of the Democratic coalition, and raised questions about whether Bernie Sanders would repel supporters who have been critical to the party's gains in Pennsylvania.

Joe Biden scores big Super Tuesday wins as Bernie Sanders takes California

The primary now looks increasingly like a two-person contest for the nomination between Biden and Sanders, with the Democratic establishment, and voters across the map, rallying behind Biden on Super Tuesday.