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Genesis begets the G70, a new smaller sporty sedan

The luxury car brand that broke away from Korean make Hyundai has launched its third model — a small sedan — for the 2019 model year. It's fun and fast with the right engine but lacks any semblance of the roominess of its larger siblings.

Kia puts even more joy in the Soul for 2020

Kia has made consistent improvements in its vehicles in the past decade, and the Soul has been the best example of its attention to detail. With the 2020 model, the company adds more speed and more fun to its practical boxy model.

Lexus vs. Volvo: Second contender in the tiny crossover competition

Volvo adds the XC40 to its 2019 lineup. The small crossover resembles larger Volvos, but this model offers some seriously sporty handling. So we've put it to the test against the Lexus NX300, a model that has pretty much been the same since 2015.

Lexus vs. Volvo: An end-of-year tiny crossover competition

So you're looking to spend a lot of money on a small premium crossover? You could do worse than to try the 2019/20 Lexus NX300, which may not be easy on the eyes but is plenty of fun on the road. It battles next week's installment, the 2019/20 Volvo XC40.

Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid retains its attractive charge

The 2019 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid continues its tradition of efficiency with just a bit of fun. There's not a lot of space, but the entry price makes it worthwhile.

Fiat 500X is a yabba dabba doo time

For 2019, Fiat gave the 500X an all-new turbocharged engine and standard all-wheel drive. It may not be especially practical, but it sure is fun — in a zipping around a Hanna-Barbera cartoon way.


Nissan Pathfinder remains a solid value, but that’s about it

In a comparison on SUVs that aim to be more heavy duty, the 2019 Nissan Pathfinder offers intelligent four-wheel drive, three rows, and good value. But it isn't enough to beat the new Honda Passport.

2019 Honda Passport aims for a bit of ruggedness

Honda squeezes a new crossover in between the CR-V and the Pilot, resurrecting the old Passport name for the newcomer. It aims to be a more rugged performer but sticks to all-wheel drive. So it gets put to the test against the similarly priced Nissan Pathfinder Rock Creek Edition.

Kia Telluride mixes fun with practicality

In the final installment of the four-part test of big honking SUVs, the all-new Kia Telluride goes a step beyond the competition in many aspects. Still, it can't compete for all-out spaciousness and towing.

2019 Toyota Sequoia? An SUV so solid and unchanging, it’s almost petrified

Part III of the four-part test of big honking SUVs: The Toyota Sequoia shows that it has towing capabilities and speed, but an SUV last redesigned when George W. Bush was president can feel a bit behind the times.