As a medical reporter, Marie has covered everything from anthrax to zoonotic diseases. Now she specializes in cancer and women's health issues.

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Your coronavirus questions answered: How is it different from flu? Can kids go outside to play during ‘social distancing’?

Coronavirus symptoms are distinct from seasonal flu in some ways, the same in others.

Coronavirus testing: Shortages, delays, and drive-through improvising in Philly area and beyond

In a few hours Friday, nurses draped in protective gear gathered samples from more than 500 people sitting in cars in Wilmington.

Coronavirus testing in Pa.: Despite new CDC guidance, state lab is turning away some patients

How can Pennsylvania know the extent of the epidemic in the state if the health department won't expand testing?

Coronavirus makes public events and even private gatherings risky, experts say

If avoiding crowds of 5,000 were enough to contain coronavirus, as Philadelphia health officials suggested, cases wouldn't be multiplying rapidly in the U.S. Meanwhile, the Flyers and the Sixers played this week.

Philly announces 1st coronavirus case; 1st patient dies in N.J.; St. Patrick’s Day parade canceled

With the single case in Philadelphia and two cases in Bucks County, Pennsylvania’s state total reached 14. Philadelphia officials urged people to avoid crowds of more than 5,000 people, and canceled the St. Patrick's Day parade.

Coronavirus testing is expanding but likely not fast enough to contain undetected spread

Says a Bucks County woman with symptoms whose doctor would not test her for coronavirus: “It was as if I was asking for a bar of gold."

Second coronavirus case identified in New Jersey

Both patients were identified in Bergen County.

No coronavirus for the Philadelphia patient, but now there’s another possible case

The possible case announced Tuesday is in the clear. But now there's another one.

FDA says coronavirus is causing a drug shortage, but won’t name the drug or maker

When do public health crises outweigh proprietary interests of drug companies?

Coronavirus testing still limited as labs rush to roll out their own versions

Another lesson from the coronavirus crisis: Cautious U.S. regulatory and health agencies are not nimble enough.