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As Philly grows, illegal parking habits in the city die hard

The number of cars in Philadelphia is growing, but parking enforcement policies aren’t keeping up.

Point Breeze and Tioga-Nicetown were a lot alike just a decade ago. So why did one neighborhood surge while the other stagnated?

The two neighborhoods were much alike just a decade ago. Today, Point Breeze is abuzz with construction and soaring property values while Tioga-Nicetown has languished.

Racist property deeds kept thousands of Philly homes off-limits to all but white buyers, study finds

A century ago, home deeds included language that restricted ownership to “Caucasians.”

West Philly’s historic main street seeks a 21st-century identity

Will gentrification transform one of Philadelphia's historic African American commercial centers?

Philly’s tax abatement is changing, but it’s already changed Point Breeze

Few Philadelphia neighborhoods have changed as drastically as Point Breeze has in the last decade. As the city's controversial 10-year tax abatement is about to change, here's what residents have to say about the development that it spurred.

Philly’s real estate boom spurs fear of eviction among one building’s senior citizens

Their building needs repairs, but residents fear that will be used as an excuse to evict them.

Want to get an English bulldog? Here's what to know.

Anyone looking to own a bulldog should be aware of possible health risks, and know how to spot an unscrupulous breeder.

Eagles' Carson Wentz is going to be a dad

Wentz and his wife Maddie Oberg married last year.

Philly’s centennial Thanksgiving Day parade lacked balloons but not enthusiasm

“Because of the lack of balloons it’s band, band, band,” complained Janet Boone, 55, of Newtown. "I'm here! I'm enjoying it!"

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For train drivers, death on the tracks can leave scars for a lifetime

In the Philadelphia area, that amount is estimated to be even worse. Afterward, many suffer nightmares, anxiety, and PTSD.