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One end of North Broad thrives; the other struggles. Can a revitalization plan bring them together?

City Council will consider a bill to create a business improvement district, which can levy funds from property owners to support improvements on North Broad Street.

Money can buy some protection from coronavirus. But the poor can’t afford it, leaving them more vulnerable

“The poor are absolutely more susceptible than anyone,” said St. Joseph’s University sociologist Maria Kefalas.

From streets of Ardmore to fields of Franconia, uncertainty reigns on the first day of Montco shutdown

On Friday morning, after Gov Tom Wolf essentially shut down Montgomery County, many residents woke up confused and uncertain, heading to supermarkets and bulk suppliers, almost embarrassed to admit they’d bought toilet paper like the rest of the country.

Amid coronavirus fears, Philadelphia City Council considers pressuring for an end to evictions, foreclosures, utility shutoffs

“We believe housing is a human right, and no one should make a choice between their safety, health, and having to keep a roof over their heads,” Councilmember Helen Gym said.

She arrived as a teenage refugee — now she’s the voice of Northeast Philly’s growing Chinese community

From homeowners needing rain collectors, to undocumented immigrants seeking municipal IDs, to fearful Chinese residents looking for the straight story on coronavirus — Mingchu “Pearl” Huynh helps them all.

Coronavirus fears change life in Northeast Philly’s Chinese community

One man acknowledged people in the Chinese community are nervous about exposure to coronavirus. “They’re not scared of Americans,” he said. “They’re scared of people coming from China.”

A new grocery store replaced a closed 7073彩票登录Rite in West Philly. But concern about the soda tax continues.

Overbrook residents say they are happy to have a grocery store in their neighborhood again, but some still plan to leave the city to shop for sweetened beverages.

In a plan for a safer, vibrant 52nd Street, worried West Philly neighbors see gentrification looming

Angst is roiling minority neighborhoods as they struggle to balance the opportunities and the threats created by gentrification. “West Philly is the new Africa,” one resident warned at a community meeting. “Everyone wants the property that’s in West Philadelphia.”

Rent control and homeowner protections urged for Philadelphia amid gentrification

About 20,000 evictions are filed in Philadelphia each year, the fourth highest number among American cities.