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Parent Trip: Megan and Dan Alt ‘really balance each other out’

For most of 2018, they were trying — “living and breathing by the [ovulation and pregnancy] tests,” Dan says — until that faint line showed up in October.

Parent Trip: Andrea and Michael Harenza looking forward to the parental journey

Meantime, they have a son who loves elephants and bright colors and things that make noise. He sleeps through the night and tries to pull himself to a standing position. “I love hanging out with him,” Michael says. “That cute little smile and laugh.”

Parent Trip: For Kim and Kate Stephan, another chance to savor parenthood

“We talked about kids as more of a dream…like what we would do if we had a daughter,” Kim says. They tried, doing at-home inseminations with sperm from the friend of a friend, for six months, with no success. “Then we kind of fizzled out,” Kate says.

Parent Trip: For Tiffany and Gregg Guerreiro, family is a welcoming place

“I had that culture in my home of welcoming people who could be family but were not related biologically. It was part of our heartbeat for many years,” she says.

Adopting makes life even better for happy threesome

Two of Matt’s sisters had adopted children from Ethiopia; the couple hoped to do the same. But once Kristy became pregnant, they put the adoption plan on hold.

Parent Trip: For Kristen and Becky Ashare, a baby helps complete their happy coexistence

Kristen was so certain she wanted children that she’d been collecting children’s books even before she and Becky were a couple: an online meeting that led to a first date at Tria Taproom that segued to seeing one another almost every weekend.

Parent Trip: For Jane Keating and Kelly Bird, it just felt natural

Adoption felt right to both of them — and after checking out a couple of agencies, they decided to work with Open Arms Adoption Network.

Parent Trip: Lots of connections for Lexi and Moussa Doumbouya

Lexi and Moussa believe in those moments when faith and fate join hands. So, looking back, it was really no surprise to learn—on the day Moussa showed up as a business consultant at the health care company where Lexi worked—that they’d nearly crossed paths several years earlier.

Parent Trip: For Emily and Matt Felty, children were at the top of their life plan

Parent Trip: Emily delighted in watching her older cousins become parents. She babysat as much for the love of children as for the pocket money.

The Parent Trip: Sherilyn and Kevin Lau of Elkins Park

"I thought, ‘I’m never going to relax, ever again,’” Sherilyn says. “I’m constantly thinking of her. I’m never by myself. It is a constant, the mental work of being a parent.”