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What’s been canceled or closed in the Philly area because of coronavirus

Here are the events, festivals, conferences and concerts that have been canceled in the Philly region because of the coronavirus.

Post offices, banks, water: How the coronavirus is affecting essential services across the region

Here’s what to expect for essential services in Philly under coronavirus: Water, utilities, banks, post offices and trash pickup.

The best low-light plants for your Philly office or desk

Brighten up a drab cubicle with these low-maintenance plants.

Vintage furniture, plants, and more: A peek inside the new Jinxed, opening on Washington Ave.

On Saturday, Jinxed’s largest showroom to date will open inside a former warehouse at 1915 Washington Avenue. Here are a few choice vintage finds that will be on the floor when the doors open.

How to protect yourself at the gym, one of the germiest places around

A guide to dodging germs in one of the germiest environments around...

Here’s how to prepare for coronavirus (and possibly reduce your panic)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is officially telling households to “prepare for the possibility of a COVID-19 outbreak in their community.” Here are some actions to start taking now.


Here’s what it looks like inside the 2020 Philadelphia Flower Show

This year’s “Riviera Holiday” themed Philadelphia Flower Show is designed to whisk you away to the south of France. See photos from the annual event.

Sneak peek inside the 2020 Philadelphia Flower Show

The Philadelphia Flower Show runs Feb. 29-Mar. 9 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. This year's theme is "Riviera Holiday".

Philadelphia Flower Show helps these New Jersey juvenile offenders blossom

For a group of youth under the care of the New Jersey Juvenile Justice Commission, horticulture brings peace.