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Pa. lawmakers plan to meet in the Capitol next week, despite coronavirus concerns

Starting Friday, all public events in the Capitol are canceled until further notice, state officials said. That includes tours, school field trips, and rallies.

Pennsylvania’s Health Department is keeping coronavirus details from local officials

Montgomery County has publicized details about its coronavirus patients, including the towns they live in. But in other counties, including Delaware County, the state is withholding that information, even from local officials.

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Pennsylvania isn’t releasing details on coronavirus cases because of a decades-old law

Health Secretary Rachel Levine has not provided the public with the total number of samples tested, the number of people quarantined after possible exposure, or the exact ages of infected persons.

Paid sick days in the time of coronavirus: Here’s what Philadelphia workers need to know

If you work in Philadelphia, there’s a good chance you’re entitled to paid sick days.

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Pa. state lab can now test for coronavirus, but its capability is limited

The lab can handle just six tests a day at present.

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Pa. officials warn CBD still largely unregulated despite popularity of creams, oils, candies, and more

While proponents claim CBD derived from hemp can help ease chronic pain and anxiety, the federal government says there is little research into its benefits or potential harms.

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Pa. is preparing for coronavirus as CDC warns spread in U.S. may be ‘inevitable’

“It is critical now that we be prepared for the possibility of community spread of COVID-19," Health Secretary Rachel Levine said Wednesday.

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Protesters call on Pennsylvania AG to ‘show mercy’ and commute more life sentences

The rally targeted Attorney General Josh Shapiro's record as a member of the Board of Pardons.

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How political party insiders — not voters — dictate Pa. special election candidates

Critics call the process “undemocratic” and rife with “insiderism.” The parties say it works just fine.

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With dozens of Pa. lawmakers heading for the exits, do Democrats have the edge in 2020?

Since the current two-year session began in January 2019, 19 lawmakers have announced plans to retire and seven have resigned. At least seven of the Republican-held seats were won by Gov. Tom Wolf in 2018, making them prime targets for Democrats.