Bonnie L. Cook

Bonnie writes the life stories of the movers and shakers in the Philly area and South Jersey who have died.

Latest Stories

Kathleen Marie Kienlen, office worker, poet, and friend to many, dies at 50

Despite physical challenges, Kathleen Kienlen worked full-time at the Navy Yard, wrote poetry, and kept up with a large number of friends.

Jerry Stevens, a giant of Philadelphia radio broadcasting, dies at 85

Mr. Stevens was not only a legend on the air. He also made Philadelphia one of the leading radio markets for introducing and nurturing new broadcasting talent.

Ricardo V. Taylor Jr., Pennsauken mayor and longtime educator, dies at 73

Mr. Taylor was a township booster. Once, he showed up at a ribbon cutting wearing a cheerleader's costume. He had vowed to wear the outfit if a troubled apartment project was completed. It got laughs.

Marie Gallagher, 72, principal who kept Little Flower High School open in 1992, dies

When officials moved to close Little Flower High School for Girls in 1992, Miss Gallagher assembled the money and research needed to keep it open.

Saundra H. Fulwood, 72, retired narcotics officer, dies

Mrs. Fulwood was a thoughtful neighbor, those who lived nearby on Osage Avenue said. They only wished there were more like her in the world.

If you found a Gideon Bible in your hotel room, you might have Frank McCrea to thank

Mr. McCrea was a natural showman. He acted onstage and appeared as the kindly country doctor in films intended for industrial workers.

Married 56 years, they died within two days of each other

Jake and Betsy Roak had parallel careers and enjoyed many of the same things. They were devoted mates. Just after Christmas, as if to end a love story, they died within two days of each other.

Corey Michael Hadley, Army infantryman and sharpshooter, dies at 30

Mr. Hadley served with the Army in Iraq and Afghanistan for six years and was decorated for his service. He came home in 2013, haunted by what he had seen overseas.

Evan Harris Pontz, Philly-area native and Atlanta lawyer, dies at 49

Mr. Pontz was a fighter. While a lawyer, he fought for clients. When he developed a series of infections after a double lung transplant, he fought to stay alive for his family.

Andrew Lins, a national expert on art conservation, dies at 74

When the Liberty Bell was attacked by a man with a hammer in 2001, Mr. Lins was the one who was summoned to fix it.