Jenice is a metro columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News covering mostly local topics but sometimes weighing in on national news as well.

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Be careful about whom you allow around your children. This mom was, but it still wasn’t enough. | Jenice Armstrong

Ikeah Owens' son, Kodey, 4, was shot March 7 by her ex-boyfriend, whose gun went off after he pulled it during horseplay with another child at the Owens home.


Don’t believe the myth that black people can’t get coronavirus | Jenice Armstrong

It turns out that Dr. Jen Caudle had heard the exact same thing recently at a beauty salon while getting her hair done. She has since created a 7073彩票登录 video to debunk the claim along with some other silly myths that are being passed around about the virus.


Hey Mayor Kenney, you want a safer injection site? Put it in City Hall. | Jenice Armstrong

Think about it. There’s lots of unused space in that building. City Hall has its own security force which could aid in policing. The site is conveniently located. Public transportation is plentiful.

Too many black babies are born out of wedlock. An antiviolence activist wants to change that. | Jenice Armstrong

Bilal Quayyum, founder of the Father’s Day Rally Committee, believes that creating strong, stable families in which to raise kids is key to stemming the city’s virulent gun violence epidemic. So, he's hosting an event Friday to help popularize the concept of getting married.

Famed playwright August Wilson’s romantic letters to a Cherry Hill woman really moved me | Jenice Armstrong

“She knew at the time he was a struggling writer" Faye Coleman said of her mother, Patricia. August Wilson "always said, ‘I write. That’s my goal.’..He would take odd jobs because he wanted to write."

Muggers got just $7 from this Center City nonprofit founder. She could’ve helped them get jobs that pay way more. | Jenice Armstrong

As someone who’s been attacked, I know how these kind of incidents can impact your psyche. You’re never quite the same again. You look over your shoulder more. You scan faces in crowds, looking to recognize your attacker.

Racial tensions in Abington are a reminder we need to calm down and listen more | Jenice Armstrong

Andrea Adams, 39, went into Tuesday’s school board meeting anticipating that she would be surrounded by racists. But after listening intently to what fellow attendees said she found that there is a whole lot of misunderstanding about what it’s like for African Americans.

Kobe Bryant’s death exposed vulnerability not usually shown by black men | Jenice Armstrong

I have never seen a story that brought so many African American men to tears.

Philly dad and newly adopted son head to the Super Bowl as NFL commissioner’s VIP guests | Jenice Armstrong

“We battled. We were like two bulls butting heads sometimes,” said Duncan. “I told him the other day, ‘If you asked me to go back and raise you all over again, I don’t know if I would be able to do it.’

Wife of indicted Councilmember Kenyatta Johnson: ‘I haven’t done anything wrong’ | Jenice Armstrong

“I know that I haven’t done anything wrong," Dawn Chavous said. “I have never had any issues with the law. I’m a law-abiding citizen." Prosecutors see it differently.